Schloss Anras

.. for over 800 years in Anras

The ‘Schloss Anras’ was built as a summer palace for the Bishops of Brixen. In time, the estate increased in size from Anras to Obertiliach and on to the 'Lienzer Klause'. In 1754 Schloss Anras was extended and decorated in the Baroque style. This stately residence developed a cultural and artistic wealth, that is still admired today.

After many years of vacancy and decay this cultural jewel was bought in 1991 and restored by the Messerschmitt Foundation.

The prince-bishops of Brixen had held jurisdiction, meaning they were responsible for the administration of justice, in german "Rechtspflege". This explains the name "Pfleghaus" and for this reason Schloss Anras has not only beautifully carved wooden panelling but also a courtroom dated 1755 and exhibitis relating to jurisdiction. The nearby 'Cornstore' (Kornkasten) served as warehouse for the corn and other food, that the farmers had to provide for the bishop's supply.

At present...

Today, Anras Castle has developed into a cultural meeting place. In addition, the municipal administration also has its new home here. Two beautiful holiday apartments in the castle will make your stay in Anras unforgettable.

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