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The Messerschmitt Foundation

The Messerschmitt Foundation with its headquarters in Munich is Germany's largest private foundation for the protection of historical monuments, whose founder Willy Messerschmitt had a clear vision: for the foundation, under the chairmanship of Dr. Hans Heinrich von Srbik, the fostering and the preservation of German cultural sites is of utmost concern. The Messerschmitt Foundation renovates and maintains important historical buildings within the German-speaking world as well as in areas such as Transylvania, which were once populated by German-speaking peoples.

Hotels and guesthouses

The Messerschmitt Foundation strives to give the buildings in its care a practical existence. For this reason many of these buildings are utilised as museums, guesthouses or hotels. The best known of these buildings is ‘Schloss Meseberg’ near Berlin, which has been put to use by the German government as an official guesthouse since 2007. All these properties have been restored with a great deal of idealism as well as at prodigious expense. The hotel buildings in the best locations offer the most modern in comfort at a high standard.

Enjoy the combination of comfort, culture and hospitality in the following hotels:
Hotel ‘Casa cu Cerb’, Sighisoara,
Transylvania (Romania)
Hotel Goldener Engl, Hall in Tirol (Austria)
Casa do Cerb Goldener Eng, Hall
Romantikhotel Messerschmitt,
Bamberg (Germany)
Gästehaus Schloss Meseberg
Hotel Schlosswirt, Meseberg (Germany)
Romantikhote Messerschmitt Schloss Meseberg

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